Embassy ROMANX

Rob Heppell, Embassy ROMANX, 2016 (placeholder gif).
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Rob Heppell
Embassy ROMANX (2016)
Digital oil
Courtesy of the artist and the Government Art Collection
Credit the artist and Government Art Collection

Embassy ROMANX was commissioned in response to the embassyHACK exhibition. Developed from data harvested from 3D scans of the installation, Embassy ROMANX is a forensic assessment of institutional architecture. A visual record of hack-tivism in action, Embassy ROMANX makes the inaccessible accessible, re-rendering objects and structures through open-source logic. This performative requiem is a future artefact, which retains and archives the phenomenogical aspects of space, place and exhibition that are often lost in documentation. As a trace of the exhibition, this moving-image work re-opens access to temporary phenomenona, extending the afterlife of embassyHACK. This experimental score conjures a past-present continuum that constantly revises its constituent parts and presents the future of exhibition-making and documentary practice.

Video to debut soon!